Busy bee me

Well, i’ve been a busy bee. Hard at work as normal. But in between allow time for fun. We had a weeks holiday at the end of May, the Annual camping holiday, 7 large tents, 19 people, yep great fun. I took my Roger Pen and the clip on mics with me this year, and it helped no end. In the car on the way down there were 4 of us. So, i set the Network up, my wife had a clip on mic as it would be easier as she was driving, the 2 passengers at the back had the Pen and other mic. It was so useful. We could chat, have a chuckle, and when i was asked which way do we go, i could reply. No turning of the head like an owl, was good. The holiday was like most, beer, food, beer, sleep, food…………3 lb in weight gained oooops.

We are currently coming to the end of a major build project in the house, our kitchen is being extended, its nearly done, 6 weeks so far, and about 2 to go. I’ve never seem so much dust. We started the project 3 years ago, but unfortunately at the time we didn’t realise we had a rogue builder, yep, after 4 months the work stopped, and he disappeared, with our money too. But we were not the only ones, we were informed of a group forming, we joined in and informed trading standards, and the police, he’s now serving 5 years at Her Majesties, good. So we saved up again, and found a good builder through someone my wife works with. We still have a challenge trying to locate all the money, which we have a plan, but i cannot disclose on here……..shhh its a secret.

During the building work, Roger Pen has been a life saver. Its really noisy, but on my days off watching TV has been so easy. I have a setting on my CI which is 100% Auxiliary only, no outside noise can be heard, so i sit and watch TV to my hearts content, no noise, just brilliant, oh its great having the best of both worlds.

I tried a little cover from a company called Ear Gear yesterday. It fits over your CI processor, and for those who use AB Naida, coupled with a 170 battery and a Roger 17 receiver, it has a good purpose. If you feel nervous about the receiver coming off (which mine never has, it fits really tight) it protects that accident happening. Very handy for small children, it will stop little hands playing. There is also a version which has a cord you can clip to an item of clothing, ideal for the energetic people who ride bikes, or like jogging, or if doing DIY etc, it also adds as a moisture protector.


2015-06-22 09.30.52

I tried the connection to Roger moving around the house and there is no change at all. Still as good as ever.


I have both docking trays by the charger/TV connection, depending on which needs charging is which one i connect to for watching TV. Here i have the clip on mic. Roger Pen is there waiting to be charged.


The little clip on mic sat in its tray. Very good. The distance and sound quality is the same as the pen. This doesn’t have the option for connecting to a mobile for taking phone calls. But when paired to Roger Pen, makes a really good network.