I’m back, so is Roger and his friends.

Well its been nearly 4 months since i last updated my blog. Life has been a bit chaotic. Work wise, i’m still covering a shortfall at work so my telephone use is still alot. Good practice, but some days when i’m tired it can be a struggle, no mistakes made so that is good.

In my last post i mentioned a blood clot, well, it wasn’t that simple. The signs i was showing, weight loss, sweating at night, tiredness, had alarm bells ringing with my GP who immediately sent me for lots of tests. They were looking for Cancer, thankfully after 3 months of tests, scans, blood tests there is no sign of any Cancer in my body, and i have sure been tested, every bit they can test, was tested. The problems i had were put down to a virus, coupled with the blood clot and urine infection sent my body into overdrive. They found a nodule on my lung, which could be a scar after meningitis 2 years ago, so i’ll be having 6 monthly scans on that, and X rays showed i have a compression fracture on a vertibrae, and after a bone scan i have Osteopenia, thinning of the bones. So i can relax, with a pint of course.

So CI wise, the Roger testing carries on. I am testing a newer version of Roger, 1.1. Its got a stronger bluetooth connection, bolder buttons, and the warning lights are a bit simpler. I’ve been putting it through its paces both at home and work. I also have 2 clip on mics to make a network. This is ideal at meetings. With those, i pair them to Roger, and other people in the meeting can use them. They simply clip them to their ties, or shirts etc, and off they go. The meeting is far easier. The main person chairing the meeting wears Roger. We’ve noticed in the meetings that the stronger connectivity is far better, my boss forgets to take Roger off and wanders around the office chatting to people, whilst i sit listening in. Can’t hide any secrets from me………

Media side of things, i’ve always been able to connect Roger to my phone to listen to music. Before the connectivity would drop out if Roger was in my coat pocket, now this doesn’t happen. I can walk to the office listening to music, sit on the train and put my phne and Roger in my coat and hang it up. Then you look at the commuters with their silly huge headphones, and me, little do they know, i can also sit in the quiet coach, even more fun .Isn’t having a CI just so fabulous?

Using Roger on the phone is still the same to use, but with the buttons a bit bigger and better to see, answering is a lot better. The quality of sound is just as good. I learnt something the other week from a Compilot user that when their phone rings it tells them who is calling, something which Roger doesn’t do. Hmmm, maybe a suggestion for Roger, as it must just be software that can be updated.

Phonak also have released a simpler version of Roger called Roger Easypen, which is the same style, but without the Bluetooth compatibility. So its basically just for microphone use, like i would use in meetings, in the pub, and busy places. It wouldn’t work with a phone, or media etc. Links to both versions are below:




Below is some questions that i was asked on Facebook last month, names have been removed. It may be of use to anybody thinking about Roger:

Question: Hi everyone. Can you clarify something for me those who have the Nadia CI and who use the Roger pen. When you use the Roger pen are you able to switch back to your normal every day programme using a switch/button or do you have to take off a part? I have the Harmony and have a phonak micro link. I have to take off my t-mic and use an I- connect whenever I use the micro link. I have to take off the i-connect and reattach the t-mic if I want to revert back to my normal everyday programme. I find this footery  time wasting. I would love to use my micro link more often with my CI in my teaching job because it is much clearer when I use the micro link. Hope I have made myself clear. I am hoping the new Nadia will help.

Answer: With my Naida and Roger, as soon as i switch Roger off i am back to usual CI, i only change channels to use Roger. No need to remove the ‘foot’ on bottom of battery or anything, just switch Roger on when ready to use, and off when finished. So much easier.

Question. So do you keep the ‘foot’ on the bottom of the battery all the time? Also what kind of situations do you use the roger pen?

Answer :The foot has never been removed since it was put on last year. I use Roger at work, at meetings, group discussions, (my boss loves it lol) for media like listening to music, plus in noisy areas i use it. Its a brilliant piece of kit. You can also add Clip on microphones to make a small network, which is very good at a meeting of 3 or 4 people

I also forgot to add i pair my works mobile to it so i can take a call if in another part of the office, as long as no walls are in between. Voices come to me instead of me struggling to go to the voice

Question: And do you have one CI, or are you bilateral or bi-modal? I struggle at lunch times sitting at a long table with 10-12 folk trying to keep up with conversations and hearing what people ask me when other conversations are going on at the same time. Would the Roger pen help there?

Answer:  I only have the 1 CI and nothing else. My other ear is just a fashion accessory to support my glasses lol. The pen would help, but i’ve never tried it with 10-12 people on a long table. If the Pen is laying down, it switches to conference mode, which picks up where the sound is coming from, becomes directional, but if alot of people talk at once it can be difficult, even for a normal hearing person.

Question:  Can I ask how you cope at lunch breaks? How many do you share your lunch break with? Do you use the Roger during lunch breaks? Can you clarify what you mean when you use it in group discussions and in noisy places? Thanks for answering the barrage of questions!!!!

Answer:  No worries about the questions, 1st part, in my job, i don’t get lunch breaks, long story which would take a lot to explain, i work shifts on the railway lol. Group discussions are normally about 4 to 5 people at work which i guess is like meetings, if you get my drift. Noisy places, like in the pub, it works well, if with just one person it is great especially in noisy places as it does help to bring the sound clearer to my ear.

Question:  And where In the pub do you put the roger pen ? Does the person wear it for you or do you hold the pen ?

Answer:  The person I am with will wear the pen around their neck. Roger Pen then is in 1-2-1 mode.


Roger with the cable attached to my phone


Me at work, yes, evidence of me working


Roger and the 2 clip on mics


I have a meeting at work next week, so watch this space for more photos and hopefully a short video, coming soon, to a blog near you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,