Sat June 21st

On Saturday 21st June we had another CI South West Gathering in our usual pub in Bristol, Colston Yard. We had a good turn out to this one. We had lots to chat about, and plenty of laughs were had.


There was a mix of Implants from all 3 companies, but AB was the majority. I showed some people the AB Sound Success website using my tablet.


Roger Pen also got a display of its uses and how to sing to Roger………

2014-06-21 15.31.08



2014-06-21 15.35.29

The barman was good enough to take a group photo for us too.

2014-06-21 16.18.13

2014-06-21 15.17.48

This is a selfie of me and my Lip Reading tutor Mary, it was a delight to see her, and she knew somebody who was with us. That was really good to see.

2014-06-21 15.34.45 2014-06-21 15.34.44

I’ve no idea what was said but it must have been funny…….

2014-06-21 14.26.40


2014-06-21 16.15.14

The main reason we like this pub, it doesn’t get crowded plus it has a little area off the main bar where we can all sit comfortably, and its better for us to hear.

Our next event is August 16th in Bath, but no venue decided yet, but the Hop Pole is looking good. It has a big park opposite with a childrens play area for families.




Roger is still my friend

Roger trial still going well. Since my last post i have had some settings changed on my Naida. There is a mix you can have, originally it was 50/50, which is 50% background noise and 50% Roger. I found that if i was listening to music on the train etc, the music would be cut out by the background noise, so we changed it to 70/30, which is 70% Roger and 30% background noise, which is better. Also Clearvoice was changed to Low, music is good now (as i sit here with Glastonbury on).

Work wise, Roger is being used a lot. In meetings it is superb. I get my boss to wear Roger on the lanyard and i can hear all the meeting instead of me struggling. The voice comes to me instead of me struggling to go to the voice. Sometimes with the lanyard option other people in the meeting may seem to come through a bit faint.

2014-06-12 17.42.45

The picture above is me on a conference call on my mobile using Roger. It was really clear. And as the voice comes straight into your ear, you cut out the middle man, which makes life so much easier. If you use your CI normally to take a call it can sometimes be difficult if you have background noise…..using Roger cuts a lot of that out.

We had a group discussion around a table last week, so i placed Roger in the middle of the table, that was really good, it was in a quiet area and all voices were very clear. I think i prefer this option, but as i have a couple of meetings this week, will try some other ways. You can override the automatic microphone selection, so will try a few different options this week.

One thing i enjoy is the freedom of listening to music and being wire free, it’s so much better. It’s also quite fun when you can sit in work and listen to music and nobody knows……..shhh keep that quiet otherwise i’ll get told off………

To enable me to have Roger on a permanent basis i will have to apply for Access to work grant, i emailed the main contact address asking for info and what i need to do, and guess what, they replied i can apply on the phone, it takes about 10 mins to get the details, hmmmm, something as important as that you’d have thought it would have been via a paper based application for deaf people. I do think i can go to my local Job Centre plus as well.


So what else have i been doing, well the usual stuff, work, work, a beer here or there. I had a few Friday just gone, well more than a few, i think i tried to drink a pub dry. Unfortunately an old friend died 2 weeks ago, it was his funeral, and we sent him off in true style, i have no memory of the bus home, i can just remember getting home though. I woke up at 0520, in bed, still with my t-shirt on and underwear, socks too, i thought ooo how did i get here……

Saturday i went to Stockport, now that was another wonderful day out. I was given a quick tour of the famous parts of Stockport, including The Plaza, and 1920/30’s old style Cinema. I was lucky to be shown inside, and wow was i impressed. And the plus side, the chap telling us about The Plaza was so clear to understand, i wasn’t using Roger, just my CI on Low CV setting, and i heard everything. After there we then went on a tour of Robinsons Brewery, that was very good too, i used Ultrazoom in there, that worked brilliant. After a taster or 3 and a bite to eat, we headed off to another pub, and guess what, we ended up in another brewery, my sort of day out!

Stockport_Plaza_External OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat is the Plaza above.

2014-06-28 15.37.37

Behind the door there was a basic bar and brewery

2014-06-28 16.17.06

And we found this beer in the last pub we went in.



Time flies

Well i can’t believes its June the 1st and my last post was in April.

I have been using my Neptune alot on my time off work as i have been doing alot of work around the garden, i feel safer using that in case i knock my Naida off. Since my Neptune had a big settings change some tine ago i use it alot more. Its a good all round processor, very useful for the more challenging things in life.

So the next bit…

I have a new friend i am trialing at the moment, he’s called Roger. Its Phonaks Roger Pen i am trialing. And i can safely say, its one amazing bit of kit.

2014-05-15 20.47.43

It is a device that connects to my Naida via Bluetooth connectivity. On the bottom of my larger battery on my Naida is a small attachement.

2014-06-01 22.04.08

Here you can see the small attachment to my battery.

The pen is ideal for meetings at work. I can get the person holding the meeting to wear the Roger pen around his/her neck and then i change to setting 5, and bingo, their voice comes to me. I have been to 1 meeting so far with Roger, it was a group discussion with 5 people around the table, so i put Roger in the middle, and it was superb, helped me no end, even the quieter speaker was clear. It also works quite a distance away, i will update with more photos on that bit later.

Now the fun side. I have paired both my personal and work mobiles to Roger. My own phone, i can plug it straight to my phone using the cable supplied. Switch to number 5 slot, bingo, music straight to my ear.I was sat at work the other week phone was hiding under paperwork, and i was listening to music, not one person knew what i was up to. If the fire alarm was to go off i would still be able to hear it too. With my works phone, i was sat at the group discussion mentioned above, and i could hear a phone ringing, i was looking in my pocket, nope not there, i asked people if their phone was ringing, nope, i realised it was my work phone ringing, but before i could press the call button on Roger it stopped, so, more tests needed at work with my phone, to see how and what it can do.

2014-06-01 23.51.32

The 2 buttons just about visible are the call answer and call end buttons.

At this precise moment i have Roger connected to my TV. I am listening/watching TV with the sound clearly coming into my Naida. I can turn the TV volume down to zero so not disturbing people who are asleep. This is one very useful part of Roger for home use.

2014-06-01 23.51.05

Above you can see the audio cable from the docking station, this goes straight to the headphone socket on my TV. The mini USB cable is where i have Roger on charge. I am sat a good 15 feet or more away from the TV and the sound is clear, no time delay, so its great.

I have Roger for another 4 weeks so i will be updating on more trials and tribulations…Plus there’s cricket on the radio this week, i am working lates, so, guess what i will be doing….as long as i do not jump up in the office and yell ‘Wicket’ i will get away with it.

We came back from a weeks camping holiday yesterday, i left Roger at home, for safe reasons, but, I was using my disposable option battery wise for my Naida, superb. So much better than having to plug my charger in at night, all i did was keep Naida in the dry box at night. Neptune again saw alot of usage too. One thing i did notice, on the UHP on the Naida, the centre piece of rubber became ‘squidgy’ and could easily come off, i think that was caused by me getting hot and bothered, one to watch out for.