Out with the old and in with the new

Last week i was upgraded to the new AB Naida CI Q70. As i have mentioned in previous posts i was lucky to get the upgrade when i chose AB in 2012. SO my time came last week. So i took a couple of last pictures of my trusted Harmony, the CI that bought me back into the hearing world.

2014-03-10 13.33.002014-03-10 13.56.01


And there it is my last day with my Harmony. My appointment was a lunchtime appointment, so i managed to squeeze in a Right ear check up with my GP’s nurse first,and then quickly see my boss about returning to work, i’ll come to that in a bit. I got to Southmead a bit early, glad i did, cold weather and a couple of coffees, means trouble.

At my appointment i had an AB Tech Guy James as well, he was overseeing the upgrade to check all was well. First of all they copied my Harmony settings to the 1st 3 settings on my Naida (that has 5). The magnet strength on the UHP (Universal Head Piece) was checked to make sure it was right. We then plugged me in to the computer to check the settings. When i came ‘live’ the audie asked how it sounded, well, straight away i noticed it was clearer and crisper, by a long way, but also softer, so the volume was bumped up a bit, ah that was better. So well, i was very impressed at that point. Setting 4 we added something called Ultrazoom, this is like a directional setting on an HA. But far better. It zooms in on the person or sound in front, we did a quick test in the room and noticed it was good. The final setting is a 50/50. t Mic and Microphone, i never had that on my Harmony.

So after an hour i was on my way home, with a new Naida, 3 batteries, and a huge box. The batteries are good, i have a small one, a larger one and a disposable option. The length of time is so much better than the Harmony. The small one 12-14 hrs, larger one about 24 hrs, and the disposable ones 2 days, obviously it is switched off overnight. The beauty is they charge up in about 3 hrs so i don’t have to leave the charger on my bedside table, i plug it in when i need to.The charger is smaller and a USB plug. 

2014-03-14 12.33.36


So much neater.

2014-03-14 12.27.59The large battery is above, the clear cap at the bottom slides off so you can attach accessories to the CI 

2014-03-13 11.27.24

The smaller battery is above, alot less chunky than the Harmony

2014-03-11 16.46.42-2And finally the disposable option, a nice curve finish, looks good. As you can see the T Mic 2 is alot different looking than the original t mic. Its quite thin, but also quite fragile, so extra care needed. Discipline needed when taking jumpers off etc, Implant off first, can’t afford any flying lessons.

2014-03-12 09.18.46-2Above is the contents in my little pouch, spare everything. In the carry case i have a spare UHP and cable and bits and pieces. 

The main microphone on the Processor has a filter on it, that need changing every 3 months, a bit fiddly but a tool is supplied to change the filter. The same as the t Mic, it has a small filter on the end that needs changing every 3 months. 

Sunday we went out for a our usual Sunday lunch, so being a busy pub i tried Ultrazoom. Wow i was well impressed, i could have a real good chat easily, with my Harmony it was good, but this is something else. Not once did i say ‘Aaaa’. Watching TV with Ultrazoom is pretty amazing too, again same principle, it zooms in on sound in front, which is the TV.

Today i had an appointment with the ENT clinic team, after my infection, they wanted to check it. All ok thankfully. They could see where the infection was behind my ear, the antibiotics have kicked in now. She said she could see where the cut had split open, how we will never know. 

2014-03-17 21.34.27-1


And there it is, gradually changing shape and growing into a closed ear canal.



Playing with Bluetooth and my Neptune…..again

Whilst I am off recovering I have purchased another Bluetooth Receiver, this one is a bit better than my old one. The lead is longer and I can move it away from the Neptune and keep it on the arm of the sofa. I have found if you keep the Receiver near the Neptune you can get interference causing poor sound. Which is a bit strange.

2014-03-04 13.23.13Here it is sat on the arm of the sofa.


2014-03-04 13.23.35




This is the set up, when in use, the Neptune is clipped to my t-shirt, the cable is long enough to reach. After a bit of trial  and error it works perfect, and nice to have sound direct to my ear. There is a split second delay with sound and vision, but that’s nothing to worry about, as has been mentioned by a fellow Ciborg, Subtitles/Captions are always behind whats being said.

The links to the pages on Ebay where i purchased these devices:

  • This one cost £6.95 and is the receiver you plug into the Neptune:


  • And this one is the transmitter which i have plugged into my TV. Its £11.95:


For £19 i am well happy with the set up. I still have my Bluetooth headphones and they work fine with my Harmony. But i think i prefer the Neptune set up. For people with a Harmony processor the same set up can be used if you use the direct connect cable. You have to have the direct connect enabled on both your processors to make this work.

Recovery from my operation has gone a bit slower this time. The cut behind my ear went a bit yuk, so i got it checked out by my GP, he took a swab as there was a lot of muck under the scab on the cut behind my ear. The nurse has been cleaning it every 5 days as there is something growing she said. So I am back to them again this Friday to get the results and another clean up. The rest of the ear is fine, the part where the ear canal is closed off looks fine.

2014-03-03 16.19.25-1

And there it is, patched up, but where the ear canal was is fine.