Time is flying

I hope everyone had a nice Xmas and Santa bought you some nice presents.

Its New Years Eve already, where has the time gone. 2013 is nearly over, and I am glad to say I will not see a year ending in 13 again in my life time, if I do I’d be very old and wrinkly. 2013 has been a memorable year, some bits I will ┬átreasure forever, other bits I am glad to see the back of.

So whats been going on in the last couple of weeks? In my previous post I mentioned my bluetooth transmitter i bought. It works really well with my headphones. Its simple to set up, once paired with my headphones, each time I switch them on it pairs straight away, there is a split second delay with speech, but that’s not a problem, nice to watch TV without subtitles, first for a very long time.


That’s the transmitter set up on my TV, it hides quite nicely behind it so the flashing light does not get seen by everybody.

I had a letter from my consultant just before Xmas explaining everything about my dodgy right ear, some of it i knew about, other bits had not been mentioned before, and things I’d never heard of, such as Petrous Apex disease, something they suspect i have in my ear that caused the meningitis i had back in May. Hmm, i did a Google search and have not got a clue what it is as that baffled me, and i do not believe a lot of stuff you read on the internet about medical stuff, might have to contact my GP to ask them what it is. So its wait for a date for the next op, if i do not get anything in a week or 2 will ring the admissions to see how far down the list i am.

I finally started decorating the 2nd bedroom this week, quite straight forward so far. Have been using my Neptune plugged into my phone listening to music, i put loads of albums on a memory card in my phone, beat the Intro time whilst painting, makes it more entertaining, some i got right some i was miles off. Still a long way to go with music, the bands i am pretty confident with i have left alone for a while, and concentrating on others i have not listened to in years, it will all fall into place eventually.

As the clock ticks along, 2013 is nearly gone, so I’ll wish everybody a Happy Bionic New Year. Lets hope its a good one. Be safe.




Good results last week

Last Weds i had my one year appointment at the CI Centre at Southmead. I am still trying to work out were the year has gone. The appointment went well, no adjustments needed and another integrity test was done, which must have been fine as nothing was mentioned. We did the speech recognition tests, that was what amazed me. The 1st test with that blokes face (yep we all know him), lip reading, and also the subject, i got 100%, before the CI 15%, the 2nd one was without the blokes face, 97%, before the CI, ZERO. The environmental sounds was 98%. I was quite happy with those. In fact i was well happy with those results. So was my Audie. My next check up is in a year, in between that will be the mapping of my Naida, when ever that will be. But there’s no rush. I had one of the magnets removed from my headpiece as it was to strong, cor that felt better, doesn’t feel like half my head is being pulled about. Its spot on now.

I was given another name badge at work last week. So me being me i decided to stick it somewhere different…….

2013-12-04 21.45.04The person who sits next to me was in hysterics when she saw it. All i need now is a flashing Xmas decoration and i am laughing.

I have been off work this week, using my leave up. Om Sunday i went out for a drink with the bruv in law, he was saying that when i rang him on Friday to arrange the drink up he was shocked that we had a normal conversation on the phone, he was dreading it. We had one or two drinks. Walking between 2 pubs we had to walk through Victoria Park in Bristol, i was kicking the leaves on the ground, walking under every tree doing it, I’ve not heard that sound so crisp and clear for a verrry long time. That was the highlight of my Sunday.

I started decorating one of 2 bedrooms this week. After a few panics with my Harmony falling off i decided it would be safer to wear my Neptune. That was a lot better, plus its better connecting to the Radio on my mobile phone, got to listen to music while we work, keeps us all happy.

Soon be Xmas, then New Year again, then Summer…………

I had a new Bluetooth transmiter arrive this morning to [plug into my TV so i can use my Bluetooth headphones, the other one wasn’t very good, play time in the morning. Will post on here how i get on, could it be the end of subtitles? I hope so as i do not need them when i watch a TV program on my Laptop..