Its been a year

On Friday the 15th Nov it was a year since i had my Implant operation, where has that year gone? And its amazing what i have achieved in that year. On the 11th December it will be one year since activation. Apart from the slight hiccup in May,nothing to with my CI though, i have amazed myself. So happy, but, still along way to go yet. Got to get more music training done.

Last Wednesday i met up with one of the AB top reps. We went to a couple of local drinking establishments in Bristol that i know, (to taste the water of course) and had a good natter about life. Was a very enjoyable and relaxing evening. My wife asked me if the AB rep had an implant, i replied no he is a normal human being……..not a bionic one.

On the 27th Nov i am back to Southmead for what must be my 1st year check up. Will be good, wonder if there will be a hearing test done, haven’t had one for a while. I’ve had one done on my right side………that was fun…….i just sat there as i couldn’t hear a thing. That was done at St Michaels in August.

I had to do another 8hr stint on the phones last week, but, luckily i managed to avoid most of the calls as i had a trainee with me. But of the calls i made people said i sounded different, do i? Sound the same to me. But no errors this time. Today at work i had to ring our IT helpdesk, and cor, doesn’t the music they play whilst on hold sound awful, it sounded like strangled cats, so to a normal person it must sound worse. The call was 20 mins long and after i could feel my ear telling me to have a rest, so i unplugged for 10 mins, was odd the silence, but worked. I also changed the signature thingy on my works email, i took off the ’email only’ , the first time in a few years, and added my phone number, and put a comment ‘i use a cochlear implant to hear, when ringing me please speak clearly and not from a noisy area’, never know someone might notice it……………

Watching TV tonight, yes ok i was watching I’m a celebrity on ITV, and it was the 1st time i have noticed the ‘Geordie’ accent on Ant and Dec, seemed odd as i have watched the program before,ah, but, last year it had no idea of accents, the year before was the same, the year before that i had my awful hearing aid…..say no more.  But its good how i am picking up on accents.




Where does the time go

I’ve not posted on here for a month, i thought it was more recent than that. Its been really busy though. Work,work,work………

On the 16th of October i had my first of 2 appointments with the consultants regarding my dreaded right ear. The first appointment i was discharged from that particular clinic, that was the one i was being looked after by after my Meningitis issue back in May. It also saved the confusion of having 2 consultants, or is it my ears confusing the 2 consultants…..

2 days later i had an appointment at sunny Southmead with the main consultant/one of the Implant team and a registrar. It was a long appointment, 50 mins. So i am now on the waiting list to have my right ear operated on once more, that makes it a total of 8 on both ears. The right side will be obliterated and closed off using belly fat,my left ear had the same. Its the best way forward, with my ear in its current state the risk of meningitis reappearing is still there, scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, so it needs sorting. The cochlea is in good shape, so that staying as a back up for my left ear. I said plus i can have a CI in it, which the reply was, if the funding ever changes………..The usual risks mentioned during the op, plus chance of a brain fluid leak if the plug from previous ops gets disturbed, and something about a main artery as well if the cholesteatoma is real deep in my ear. They looked at my CT scan from May and showed me where the disease probably is, still no sign of a brain…………………After the appointment i had parts of the pre op done, weight, height, MRSA swab. All i need now is a date, January sometime, unless a cancellation comes up. I bumped into one of the CI Audies on the way out, we had a chin wag for 10 mins.

Work has been chaotic recently, i did another 8 hr stint in the phones again, was ok, sort of. I took a 10 min break every hour. I have a new headset for work now, my company got it from Connevans, it has noise cancelling on it, a bigger and better ear piece ad its comfortable, and works. But i made a slight boo boo, i misunderstood someone, and what i thought they said was nothing like it, it was my first mistake which wasn’t found until 2 days later when the person rang up to inform he was better now, i did go a shade of red…..

So, how do i find the telephone, absolutely exhausting. I can feel my brain frying (what brain) at the end of a 8 hour shift, and the energy just runs away from me. I think i need to be a bit careful. But i have to do it, its my lively hood.

Yesterday i bumped into an old friend at the station, i had spoken to him for a couple of years, i used to avoid talking to him before my Implant, as i know it would have been impossible to speak and understand him. Shows what my dark days were like, avoiding speaking to people, and it shows how my CI has changed me. It was so nice to catch up, i have known him since i was 18, he was the barman in my local pub in Hillingdon. I felt happy after that chat.

Still waiting to hear when (If) i get my Naida, a couple of people i know have started the order of there’s, only 1 at Southmead. But as the Guinness advert says ‘ Good things come to those who wait’ …………………………..