A bit more

After last Weds major achievement i arrived at work on Thursday to do the same again, man the phones for 8 hrs. I wasn’t as nervous as the Weds, but it was still brilliant. One of the guys i had difficulty in understanding on the Weds came through a lot better. I was very happy with that. I had to do the same on the Friday, but it was a crazy afternoon, a lot more phone calls due to disruption on the railway, some of the calls were difficult due to background noise, but by asking the caller to move somewhere quieter i managed it. I left Friday feeling drained, but i knew i would be rewarded the following day as i was going to somewhere nice, see the picture below:

20130928_120919Now that was a day and a half. Between the hours of 11-3, it was Butcombe Brewery open day, free beer, and free tours. That was worse than letting kids lose in a sweet shop. The last time i visited here i had awful hearing so it was nice to go on a tour of the brewery and be able to hear everything, i was a happy chappy, by 2230 i was a very happy merry chappy ( I think). I sure felt rough on the Sunday. Unfortunately my Saturday trip clashed with a CI gathering in Reading, i wish i could be in 2 places at once. By the looks of the pictures i have seen i missed a good day, roll on the next one.

20130928_130300My supply of Butcombe…………..i wish

After all the excitement of last weeks phone calls i rang my mum to just say hello, this time the call was for 30 minutes, chatting away we were. The last 2 times i have called her were for about 5 mins, so it was nice to chat that long.

Today i went to a conference hosted by Phonak and AB. It was at the rather posh Celtic Manor Hotel near Newport. It has a huge golf course there, and was so peaceful. It was a very interesting day out, i was amazed at the equipment Phonak do for Hearing Aid users, and how some of the technology from Hearing Aids is crossing onto Cochlear Implants, some really interesting times ahead i think. As an AB Mentor i volunteered to go today to help where possible, one of the sessions i gave a 5 mins speech about  my progression with my Implant, i’ve never done that before, i was a bit nervous, but it went just fine. I spoke to a few people from Advanced Bionics, an Audiologist from Taunton, so all in all i enjoyed my day.

I was reading an article in a CI users blog on Tuesday and a Bluetooth adapter was mentioned being used on a Neptune, hmmm, i wonder. We bought a Bluetooth adapter for our TV a few months back and i couldn’t pair my headphones to it. So, i plugged it into my Neptune, and then paired my Galaxy S4 mobile to it, bingo, tuned the radio App to a channel, woo hoo, phone one side of the room, me and Neptune the other and Radio happily playing away, now that was great. When theres cricket on and i am at work, shhhh who will know if i am sat at my usual desk listening to the cricket? Don’t tell everyone……..


Only 4 more days off and its back to the mad house…………………….