Todays big achievement

Today was quite an amazing achievement for me at work, one of the biggest on my CI journey back to a near normal life. It all started with one of my work colleagues reporting sick yesterday afternoon. I had to help cover the person shift yesterday, so armed with my standard telephone headset I thought, hmmm not going to be easy. I hadn’t tried the Big phone calls at work as I wasn’t quite ready, plus I was nervous. I managed 3 phone calls yesterday but had the help of other people. Today was different, I was without the help of someone else who is qualified for my job, just people in the office, and I was really nervous, in fact terrified. I felt a little bit pressured into doing the shift as we are short staffed. I settled in, logged in to the pc’s we use. I needed the phone set up for the headset, so the chap who deals with the phones was in work luckily. I also made a general enquiry if a louder headset was available, he said I’ll look for you. After he set my phone up he reappeared smiling, yep, he said I can order you a new headset, has noise cancelling, a bigger ear piece which will cover my t-mic as well. Its one suitable for HA’s but is also suitable for a CI too. I noticed he wrote Cochlear Implant on his scrap paper, so he did his research, superb, so after all this time I have my own headset. It’s on its way to me.

So back to the days events, and 8 hour shift, a call every 4-5 minutes, about 80 calls, that’s a lot of calls. Out of that lot, 6 I couldn’t understand and had to pass onto a guy sat next to me. I was really amazed at what I could do, some people’s voices I recognised from when I was originally doing that work before my hearing failed, others sounded like Mickey Mouse.

I am happy that I have achieved this today at work. Its helped me a lot. So it’s another milestone completed on my journey, but I know one thing, I am shattered after it. So I am looking forward to my relaxing day out Saturday, at a brewery, free beer for a while too, uh ohhhhhhhhhh.


4 thoughts on “Todays big achievement

  1. Glad you survived your trial by fire! Being able to figure out approximately 74 out of 80 calls is great. Yes, a well deserved pint 🙂

  2. My goodness!! That is utterly amazing! Speaking to complete strangers over the phone with a CI is quite some achievement, I’ll say!!!!! As you have to remember you have a gadget ( phone) which is transferring data to another ‘gadget’ (cochlear implant) so it can be incredibly daunting especially to a new CI user. – the volume of phone calls you are handling is astonishing!! I hope your Management are giving you breaks in between. I know what a confidence buster it can be when you get someone with a thoroughly different accent that we are used to – It can be exhausting given the population mix you are handling. Man You totally have my respect!!

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