I’m still here

Isn’t it great having the best of both worlds, being able to hear, and when you don’t want to hear, just unplug the CI. I had that experience just now on the train home from work. I was quite happily reading a book on my Tablet (About Keith Floyd, what a hero) and a noisy bunch of party goers got on at Chippenham, I can usually handle it but tonight, oh wow they were noisy, after 5 minutes I thought I can cure this problem. Unplug, and place the headpiece onto the side arm of my glasses, ah bliss. They got off at Bath, I then ‘booted’ myself back up to the real world.

I’ve been trying been trying different ways to position the cable from my Harmony to my headpiece, I was shown a way by a fellow CI user but my cable was not long enough. After some ‘twiddling and twisting’ I can hide the cable behind my Harmony. It’s not to hide it because I don’t like it, it’s because I am always a bit worried some twit might try to flick it when I am out and about.


There we have it behind my Harmony, I quite like it that way. With my hair nice and short the main part of the Implant show, good, I like showing it off.

Last Saturday I had a ‘Jolly boys day out’ to London. My mate wanted to show me some pubs in Greenwich, I hadn’t been there for a long time, about 20 odd years. It hadn’t changed much. But the first port of call wasn’t a pub, yep that’s right, the pub was 2nd. The first port of call was to get some food, real food, Pie, Mash, liquor Sauce, and Jellied Eels. I had not had that for about 20 years either, and wow did I ever enjoy it, it was wonderful.


Oh yummy, just the picture makes me peckish. After we had eaten that, it was pub time…..We walked to a couple of pubs, had a look at The Cutty Sark. What a wonderful job they have done rebuilding it after the fire a few years ago. We headed back towards Paddington via a few more pubs, to get the train home. I got back to Bristol at 2215, but I didn’t go straight home, I had to visit the pub as I needed to use the toilet, that’s my excuse, so whilst there I sampled 2 more pints………………..

20130914_140345 20130914_155139

Some big boat, and 2 pints……..


With short hair my Crop Circle looks more like a polo mint……

Roll on the 16th and 18th October, hopefully I will finally find out what’s going to happen to my right ear. Otherwise it will be the Vodka and expanding foam option..

I invested in a 1 metre long double ended audio cable for my Neptune a week ago, £1.20 from Amazon, I bought it mainly for when I have my phone in my pocket and want to listen to music. It’s a far better length and the Neptune can clip higher up then. I’ve yet to try it out, but tomorrow I will be using my Neptune for a bit, just for a change. Now its been remapped it’s a lot better. And no doubt I will blast my brain out with some music on way to work……..ok…..what brain…….




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