Todays big achievement

Today was quite an amazing achievement for me at work, one of the biggest on my CI journey back to a near normal life. It all started with one of my work colleagues reporting sick yesterday afternoon. I had to help cover the person shift yesterday, so armed with my standard telephone headset I thought, hmmm not going to be easy. I hadn’t tried the Big phone calls at work as I wasn’t quite ready, plus I was nervous. I managed 3 phone calls yesterday but had the help of other people. Today was different, I was without the help of someone else who is qualified for my job, just people in the office, and I was really nervous, in fact terrified. I felt a little bit pressured into doing the shift as we are short staffed. I settled in, logged in to the pc’s we use. I needed the phone set up for the headset, so the chap who deals with the phones was in work luckily. I also made a general enquiry if a louder headset was available, he said I’ll look for you. After he set my phone up he reappeared smiling, yep, he said I can order you a new headset, has noise cancelling, a bigger ear piece which will cover my t-mic as well. Its one suitable for HA’s but is also suitable for a CI too. I noticed he wrote Cochlear Implant on his scrap paper, so he did his research, superb, so after all this time I have my own headset. It’s on its way to me.

So back to the days events, and 8 hour shift, a call every 4-5 minutes, about 80 calls, that’s a lot of calls. Out of that lot, 6 I couldn’t understand and had to pass onto a guy sat next to me. I was really amazed at what I could do, some people’s voices I recognised from when I was originally doing that work before my hearing failed, others sounded like Mickey Mouse.

I am happy that I have achieved this today at work. Its helped me a lot. So it’s another milestone completed on my journey, but I know one thing, I am shattered after it. So I am looking forward to my relaxing day out Saturday, at a brewery, free beer for a while too, uh ohhhhhhhhhh.


I’m still here

Isn’t it great having the best of both worlds, being able to hear, and when you don’t want to hear, just unplug the CI. I had that experience just now on the train home from work. I was quite happily reading a book on my Tablet (About Keith Floyd, what a hero) and a noisy bunch of party goers got on at Chippenham, I can usually handle it but tonight, oh wow they were noisy, after 5 minutes I thought I can cure this problem. Unplug, and place the headpiece onto the side arm of my glasses, ah bliss. They got off at Bath, I then ‘booted’ myself back up to the real world.

I’ve been trying been trying different ways to position the cable from my Harmony to my headpiece, I was shown a way by a fellow CI user but my cable was not long enough. After some ‘twiddling and twisting’ I can hide the cable behind my Harmony. It’s not to hide it because I don’t like it, it’s because I am always a bit worried some twit might try to flick it when I am out and about.


There we have it behind my Harmony, I quite like it that way. With my hair nice and short the main part of the Implant show, good, I like showing it off.

Last Saturday I had a ‘Jolly boys day out’ to London. My mate wanted to show me some pubs in Greenwich, I hadn’t been there for a long time, about 20 odd years. It hadn’t changed much. But the first port of call wasn’t a pub, yep that’s right, the pub was 2nd. The first port of call was to get some food, real food, Pie, Mash, liquor Sauce, and Jellied Eels. I had not had that for about 20 years either, and wow did I ever enjoy it, it was wonderful.


Oh yummy, just the picture makes me peckish. After we had eaten that, it was pub time…..We walked to a couple of pubs, had a look at The Cutty Sark. What a wonderful job they have done rebuilding it after the fire a few years ago. We headed back towards Paddington via a few more pubs, to get the train home. I got back to Bristol at 2215, but I didn’t go straight home, I had to visit the pub as I needed to use the toilet, that’s my excuse, so whilst there I sampled 2 more pints………………..

20130914_140345 20130914_155139

Some big boat, and 2 pints……..


With short hair my Crop Circle looks more like a polo mint……

Roll on the 16th and 18th October, hopefully I will finally find out what’s going to happen to my right ear. Otherwise it will be the Vodka and expanding foam option..

I invested in a 1 metre long double ended audio cable for my Neptune a week ago, £1.20 from Amazon, I bought it mainly for when I have my phone in my pocket and want to listen to music. It’s a far better length and the Neptune can clip higher up then. I’ve yet to try it out, but tomorrow I will be using my Neptune for a bit, just for a change. Now its been remapped it’s a lot better. And no doubt I will blast my brain out with some music on way to work……..ok…..what brain…….



Holiday over

I survived a 2 week camping holiday in Tenby, Wales. It was nice to get away and the weather was really good, apart from the first day. It rained when we put the tent up, and that made it well heavy, but no frayed tempers. Luckily I had a hood on my coat to keep my processor dry, I had my Neptune with me, but it was quicker just to put my hood up. After the tent was up, we went to the pub to dry out, (on the outside). That night I put my processor in the Zephyr dry box I have just in case.

I found the entertainments club very noisy after my re map 2 days before. So I kept the volume down in there. But I got used to it. There was a band playing on the Thurs night, a female vocalist and I was impressed how much I could follow with my Harmony. Usually its Neptune for music. The Friday night was a male vocalist and it was a bit more difficult, plus they were singing songs I had never heard before = confusion. So that was my excuse to visit the other bar…………

I heard quite a few new sounds whilst away, the crows and other birds were lovely to hear, I was quite happy listening to them. My feet walking across the tarpaulin tent floor, crunch crunch crunch,  my trainers squeaking across the damp grass in the mornings, the waves crashing at the seaside, lovely. We went Mackerel fishing one day, and the noise of the water lapping against the boat was lovely, all the noises of the fishing rods etc, was superb, shame we never caught anything though. But there were some annoying sounds, my flip flops, and screaming children.

But all in all my first family holiday with my CI and yep, it was great. I could have proper chats with family members, and did not have to hide myself away in a corner. Life is good

I have 2 appointments in October, one to see the consultant who has been looking after me since my ‘issue’ in May/June. And another with my Implant Consultant on 18th October, lets hope someone decides what to do with my right ear. If not my mate at work has offered to drill it out, I have a bottle of Czech Vodka here, never been opened as I don’t drink the stuff, he has a good drill, and I have some expanding foam. Seems simple to me, cut round there, drill that out, fill it up, and stitch it up, simples…………..but I do hope they sort it out soon, its a worry and its also getting on my nerves.

I see Summer has ended, just looked out of the window, usual grey weather.