Busy Bee

Its been busy again both work wise and social wise. Last Sunday we had our 2nd CI South West social gathering. We used the same pub in Bristol as last time. there was 10 of us at one point and was a very good day. There were 4 AB users, 1 Cochlear and 1 Med El user. As usual it was good to see everybody.

DSC_2473 DSC_2470 IMG-20130811-WA0001 IMG-20130811-WA0000

The picture above is of us around a Gromit Statue in Bristol. They are scattered around the area in all different colours. This picture appeared on the Gromit Website photo album. But ours is special this Gromit is a CIborg Gromit, I stuck my Neptune on its ear…….


If you go to the page of Aug. 12-13 we are there somewhere. We finished the evening off at one of my frequented pubs in Bristol, a small bar, good ales and very entertaining. Its a bit like a public bar when pubs were once 2 bars. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Yesterday I had 2 hospital appointments, one with the consultant, the other for a re map.

The one with the consultant was interesting. It was with the one who operated on me in Jan 2010 to remove more of the dreaded disease in my ear. She said back then, at some point in my life I will need a CI, and she was right. My ear was cleaned out, and boy did I go dizzy after that, I don’t normally get that, but yesterday I did. I had to stop everything for a few minutes. After that we carried on. We talked about 2nd Implants, like one in my right ear. Hmm, as we know adults only get the one CI unless you have special circumstances like deaf/blind. Or you fight for a 2nd one and win.It was mentioned interestingly that people with a Mastoid Bowl (That’s where the Mastoid bone behind the ear is removed through disease, the Mastoid bone is the aero bar type bone) cannot have a CI unless the ear canal is closed off and filled with belly fat as the Implant itself would be left exposed to infection etc. So its ear drops again for 2 weeks, a follow up in 4 weeks, and off to see the main consultant in October, that seems along way off……….

CtomaAbove shows the disease I have been suffering from over the years, it’s a basic picture, the disease is the thing above the ear canal/ear drum. The yellow/orange bone towards top of picture is the mastoid bone.

After the consultant a Hearing test was carried out on my right ear, it went up to 110dbs and I still couldn’t hear a thing, so that’s the end of all my natural hearing.

After that appointment I went off to the CI clinic for a Map session. This was an extra one as I was struggling with volume. My volume dial was on full blast. We added volume to both my Harmony and Neptune, plus moved the settings about. Its wonderful now, back to what I was 2 months ago. I am currently sat with the tv on and NO subtitles, I must concentrate and if I do, bingo I can follow. So my next challenge is to learn to watch TV all the time with no subtitles. Whilst at the CI centre is had a look at the new Med El Rondo processor, the all in one thingy. It’s rather odd, and looks like an Angry Bird. The big one that drops the bombs to those who play it………….In the pictures i have seen of the Rondo it looked massive, but to see it in real life, its smaller. Using the telephone with it would be a challenge.

But after yesterdays mapping i can hear so much better. give it a few days and i will settle into the new maps. Must be the other months ‘suspected meningitis’ and all the other worries that caused the change. It changed my weight too. I was nearly 14 stone (13st13lbs) when admitted, now 2 months later, 12st 12lbs. Niicceeeeee.



Fun and games

Since my Poland trip, its been back to normal, work, work and work.  On the way to work last Tues I began to notice strange goings on with my Harmony. It didn’t feel right, or sound right. I took it off and noticed the t mic had become loose and wobbly. Very wobbly. Luckily I carry my spare when I am a long way from home, so I did a quick change. That was better, and it all sounded better. When I got into work I checked everything and it was fine. So, what do I do with the faulty one, hmmm. So a quick e mail to the CI centre at Southmead, and what a brilliant quick response. Was well impressed. The defective one is now somewhere in a recycling plant. A replacement spare arrived yesterday, superb.

I’ve noticed also in the last 2 weeks a change in volume, my dial on the Harmony is at the 3 o’clock position, hmmm. I’ve also been struggling a bit with some conversations too. So another email to the CI centre, and ping, another quick response, an appointment made for next Thurs for a map/tune up. Can’t fault it at all, very impressive.

Work has been so manic this last 2 weeks, I am glad to be off for 4 days now. Not that i’ll get any rest, plenty of jobs around the house to do, I keep looking at the grass…but I have a cunning plan to take my mind off the jobs. The 4th Ashes Test starts tomorrow, Radio 5 live on my mobile, Neptune,its time for some fresh air, I plug it straight into my mobile, sorted. Saturdays job, get all the camping gear out of the loft, and see if it fits in the car……now that’s a challenge…..we go away soon to Tenby in Wales and need to see what we can get in the car……keep calm, keep calm.

This Sunday is the 2nd get together of our CI West of England group. We are meeting in the same pub as before, Colston Yard in Bristol. Oh dear, its a Butcombe owned pub, my favourite. Good job I am off Monday, I might have a little tiny hangover……..If its anything like our 1st one, it will be a brilliant day. Weather doesn’t look to bad either.

Last Friday I was back to see my GP. I was getting real bad pains in my upper stomach again, just like someone was twisting my stomach like you would ring out a tea towel. At work Thurs I was in agony for an hour. People at work thought I was having a Heart Attack. But after a rest, a can of Pepsi, that had gone flat, it eased. My work mates came down to the outside of the office ready to take me to the local walk in centre, I was waiting at the lifts to go back to the office, and aid ‘I don’t know what all the fuss is about’ and laughed, they didn’t find it funny, can’t work out why…..My GP gave me some smarties, to ease the excess acid that was causing the stomach muscle problem. I had this before just after my little issue in June. Lets hope the smarties work……..

Next update will be Monday…………….with pictures………