Neptune, my belt, and my Harmony Powercell plus batteries.

I tried my Neptune on my belt earlier, and it works really well on there. I used the waterproof head-piece as it has the longer cable. I clipped the cable to my t-shirt collar, and bingo, i could move my head about without pulling the head-piece off. That’s quite an achievement for me. My next play around, was, connecting my MP3 player up, putting it on random play, and sticking it in my pocket. Brilliant idea! And it works.


My Neptune clipped onto my belt. Can easily reach the controls from here, and if  you have a battery issue it’s quite simple to remove off the belt. If it’s on the armband, then that makes it a bit fiddly.

DSC_2105-1Above shows the waterproof headpiece, with the cable attached to my t-shirt, this could also be a shirt collar. I found this so much better, with a bit of slack cable i could move my head without pulling the headpiece off.

Below is showing the MP3 player set up.DSC_2108-1 DSC_2109-1With the MP3 player connected like this i can sit in the quite coach on a train and listen to music, without disturbing anybody and if a person says no personal stereos allowed, ha ha, my question will be, can you hear the music and see any headphones sir? I can see some confused faces happening!

From next week i make ,my return to work. So i am now getting my ear used to the longer life batteries, they are a little bit bigger, and a tiny bit heavier, not a great deal though. When i first tried them it was making the top of my ear sore as it wasn’t long after activation, so the site was still tender from the operation. I am now starting to get used to them as its now 2 1/2 months since the operation, so it’s not tender anymore.(Where has that time gone). I put the battery on yesterday at about 0830, and when i went to bed around midnight last night, i was still getting 2 flashes when i checked the battery, that’s perfect for work. The smaller standard batteries i normally need to change over at around 1830ish when i switch on at 0830. I will take a spare smaller one with me though, as a back up. Plus I’ll have my Neptune with me (so i can confuse the passengers in the quiet coach, tee hee heee) as a back up. Below are 2 pictures to show the difference in Battery size:

DSC_2107-1Above is the Powercell plus.

DSC_2113-1Above is the standard battery





Nice weekend

What a great weekend. Saturday afternoon i relaxed with some music and my Neptune. I was checking things in my carry case that came with it, i looked at the waterproof headpiece and cable and the normal UHP and cable, and realised the waterproof cable was longer, doh. What a Wally, i thought i only had short cables. So i can wear my Neptune on my belt if i want, so that’s play time tomorrow. DSC_2090

Here is the difference in cable lengths, top one being the standard UHP, bottom one is Waterproof headpiece and cable. I just use the waterproof one now.


My carry case with my bits and pieces in it, batteries, standard UHP, cable to plug into battery devices.


My  Neptune plugged into my laptop. If you are going to try this option, the laptop must be running on battery only, if you are using the mains and a power surge happens, mmmm, you might fry your brain. I should be ok as i have a big empty between my ears……I use the setting which is 50% aux and 50% microphone. It’s good because if someone wants to talk to me whilst i am listening to something or watching BBC iPlayer, i press pause, and ping, i can hear what the person is saying, i quite like that idea.

Yesterday i went to Oxford to a social event at the John Radcliffe Hospital. I was invited by my Mentor Michele. I am very pleased i went, i met a lot of CI users for the first time, and also 2 candidates. It was quite noisy there, but once i was settled and got used to the noise i had some terrific conversations with people, we talked about what we were like before a CI, and what we are like now. I met another user who has had the same previous operation as me where the ear canal is closed off, that was great, we chatted about that for ages. It was a really enjoyable event. Michele dropped me off at Didcot station, where i had the choice, 10 mins for a train, or a very inviting pub over the road and a train 1 hour later, 3 guesses what won? We had a really good chat over a drink, well, i had 2 pints of one of my favourite Ales, Bath Ales Gem, we chatted about our CI’s, our deafness, how i use my Neptune for music. Then i looked at the clock, quick 8 mins until the train goes, down went the pint, a quick good-bye, walked to the station………………..and yep….sods law…….the train was late. But all in all i had a really good day out, was really worth it, well done to the organisers. I must do it again. I’m not sure if that sort event or group get together is done at Southmead, I’ll have to make enquiries at my next appointment, i must not forget that.


That’s what my closed off ear canal looks like. This is my implanted ear as well.

Its nice, neat and tidy, only time it gets annoying is when it itches.If i had a pipe cleaner i could reach from the other ear………




And my nice Hot Chocolate i made when i got home yesterday, a right Calorie breaker, ah but who cares……it tasted lovely.

Todays wow moment

I have just been in my local Asda where i was approached by a mother in her mid 20’s, early 30’s. I was wondering what she was looking at first, as i did not recognise her. She asked if i was wearing a Cochlear Implant, which i replied yes, why the interest? She then took the hat off her 3 year old to reveal 2 Implants. Quite amazing when you see a small child with one. A happy go lucky little one sat in the seat of the shopping trolley. And they have their whole life ahead of them, a hearing life thanks to CI’s. That was the first time i have seen someone else with a CI.

More Neptune places

I like the Neptune for the away from the ear, the Universal headpiece takes a bit of getting used to, as it’s a different location the sound is coming from. I know that AB have a T-Comm for the Neptune, based on the Harmony T Mic, but I am unsure if its available in the UK yet. That would stop the headpiece from being knocked off so easily. The main problem I do find, is I keep pulling the headpiece off my head. I have the maximum magnets allowed inside it. Anybody that reads this blog who is deciding a Neptune, make sure you pick long enough leads, one for the arm and one long enough to reach your belt, incase you do not have a shirt pocket etc.

Another place to clip it is to a tie if you are working in the office, its quite neat there, of clip it to your shirt as well.

2 Tie versions below:

 DSC_2083 DSC_2082

Below is The Neptune clipped in my pocket.


  The weight pulls the top of the shirt pocket down. But a bit of practice and I’ll get it right.

So i tried it this way, its inside my pocket, and you can hardly see it. Use the cable clip to clip it to the top of your pocket otherwise when you bend down, it goes flying. Its only waterproof, not flying proof. I found it quite comfortable this way. All i need to do is get used to the different sound.


Some new sounds.

I’ve been hearing a few new sounds since the last post, more environmental sounds than speech sounds. Speech hasn’t changed much,people I speak to a lot are sounding more ‘clearer’. The television still need subtitles. And in a busy room is still a bit of a struggle. But I can hold a good conversation in a ‘normal’ room. But I have a long way to go yet, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I went up to see my boss at work last Monday, to make arrangements for my return to work, I laughed when I heard the station announcements whilst waiting for my train, it sounded like we were being taken over by aliens, or Smash potato men. I could hear the on train announcements too. I have not heard those for a couple of years. It was good to see my boss, and colleagues. My boss was impressed at how we could have a chat face to face without the use of paper, me saying ‘A’ every 2 minutes, and looking at her with a blank expression on my face (that bit might not change). I go back to work on 4th Feb. I will learn new sounds then.

I ventured out in the snow Friday, so I could hear my feet crunching the snow. Wow, I forgot what that sounded like as well. The ice sounded really clear when it cracked. Was good. I didn’t stay out long, too cold. On Sunday a gritter lorry went past out house, I went outside and could hear the ice ‘crackling’ as the salt melted it, sounded like rice crispies going ‘snap crackle and pop’. (Oh I wonder what that sounds like, must buy a packet!). I was amazed I when I heard it, was a big WOW moment. I can tell the difference between a diesel engine car and a petrol engine.

I tried my Neptune out in the pub on Saturday night, but I think it needs the volume adjusting, it just didn’t seem quite right, so I swapped back to my Harmony. I was going to wear it on my belt but found neither of my cables were long enough.So I had to attach it to the armband, which is comfortable, but if you need to make any adjustments it can be a bit of a fiddle. I think I am going to have to wear the Neptune more to get used to it,I’ll just turn the volume up until I go back to the audiologist next month. With this wet/snowy weather the Neptune is ideal, especially if you want a snowball fight, just waterproof it before you go out in the snow, and bingo, let the fun begin. I wasn’t brave enough! Ok, yep chicken……

I am off to Oxford on Sunday to meet up with some other CI users, something I have yet to do, so I am looking forward to that. Hopefully might get so tips etc on the use of my processors. I will also meet up with my AB mentor, that will be good too.


I noticed in the mirror the other day i am getting a ‘crop circle’ appear on the side of my head, looks well funny.

AB have a new processor out sometime this year. Its a lot smaller than the Harmony, and looms really neat. I have a brochure of it and also an on line one has been done too. I have added the link to the brochure:

So after what I have read I am glad I chose AB. There have been a few other ‘blogs’ that hve been talking about the new processor

More playing with Neptune again

Yesterday i tried something new, music. I was looking at my Neptune and my MP3 player,( which hasn’t been used for over 2 years) And i connected it up,like below:

DSC_2063 I quite enjoyed sat here with it set up like this. I had listened to music through my Harmony before, but not using my MP3 player. So today was better. On the Neptune is a sensitivity dial, so i turned it to 2 o’clock, and the singer’s voice became more noticeable. I could follow a song like it. The music was a bit unclear, but i could make it out. It was quite enjoyable. I then thought, mmmm wonder if i can use the armband. I tried it clipping the Neptune to the armband and putting my MP3 player in the pouch, but it was a bit chunky, and awkward to change the settings on my MP3 player, unless you set it up for random.

DSC_2061I think the music sounds better on the Neptune than my Harmony, but that might be the sensitivity dial i played with. I might ask if there’s a mapping we can set up for music only on the Neptune. I managed to keep the Neptune headpiece on my head without knocking it off as well.

Sat here tonight i keep hearing a strange noise, i didn’t have a clue what it was until i realised it was my stomach making the noise, how strange.

I went out last night for a drink round the ‘outlaws’. I still am finding it a struggle when more than 2 people are talking. I also noticed it today when the family were here for Sunday dinner, something that will take time to adjust to i think.

But am i happy, well of course i am. I wouldn’t change this for anything.

I’ve been playing

I’ve been playing with my Neptune, last night i decided to try it in the bath. Once i had set it up to the waterproof setting, i was ready, well, sort of. You have the remove the volume piece and replace it with a tight fitting plain piece. There are 2 headpieces for the Neptune, one normal and one waterproof one. Once you have taken the volume controls off you cannot adjust it.

DSC_2054I was in the bathroom, i leant across to turn off the taps, it went quiet, and there was Neptune looking at me from the bottom of the bath, waving. I thought, oh **** i hope i put the right head piece on. I picked it out of the bath sharpish, looked at it and quickly put it on my head, nothing, silence. Don’t panic, don’t panic. I switched it off and then on, attached it to my head, phew, sound, panic over. So it was splish spash time, haven’t heard water splashing that clear for years, and cor, the plug is well loud when you release it. When i got back downstairs i placed Neptune in the drying kit.


The drying kit is the silver box thing. I left it in there overnight for a full drying session.


The pink thing is the battery charger.




So now i’ve had my experience in the bath with Neptune. The only problem i found, er there wasn’t a place i could clip it too,lol. So i rested on the side of the bath, but found each time i moved i pulled the headpiece off my head, so i need to practice a bit more.

Today, Friday, i have tried different places to wear the Neptune. I tried it with the armband.


It fits in the little pouch thingy and then you can place it on your upper arm. I quite like that idea, its out of the way. Another idea is to clip Neptune to the armband, and put your MP3 player in the pouch, and connect directly to it,mmm,something to try tomorrow. If you need to make any adjustments to Neptune you have to remove it from the pouch to access the dials. I just keep pulling the headpiece off. I think i’ll try a stronger magnet as i have 5 of them,or,i’m just clumsy,or, i might need a haircut, any excuse to cut my hair. Below is on my arm. You can thread the cable up your sleeve.


Another place i tried was to clip it to my t-shirt.

DSC_2052I liked this idea as well, ok for the summer months when its warm,ok ok, not in England. You can make adjustments easier in this position, but, it moves around a bit more when your t-shirt moves. But that’s nothing.


I’ve put my Harmony back on now as i am cooking tea, don’t want to see Neptune end up in a saucepan of boiling water, don’t think the warranty quite covers that.

I had a strange experience in the pub Weds night. I had a tap on my shoulder and this lady asked if i had a Cochlear Implant, which i replied yes. She told me her father has been told he is an ideal candidate. I said to her that’s fantastic, i told her all about mine, and what happens and how you have to make the Implant work for you, it doesn’t do it alone. She said her father was elderly and worried about operations, to which i said if the consultant had any worries himself about operating he wouldn’t suggest it.

Time to go back rattling pots and pans, and i do rattle them, just because i can now hear them……………