Well, on Christmas Day i wanted to achive one of my wishes on my wish list. So i rang my mum, and it was a simple but well needed phone call. It was done at home, in a quiet room, using my mobile. It was amazing, voices were very squeeky, but was worth it. Made my Christmas. On Christmas Night we went up the ‘outlaws’ for a drink, was very noisy and conversation was really difficult. So i sat and drunk my beer, i was happy. But i was glad to get home.

Typical, i have got an ear infection in my right side, luckily not my implanted side.I knew something wasn’t right, discharge and the ‘full’ feeling.  A visit to the quacks today to get some drops, as i was worried i might spread it to my implanted side, i was told i did the best thing and not to worry. Start my drops in a bit. I’ll be glad when my right ear is operated on and closed off.

Santa on my CII thought i’d best get into the Xmas spirit on Xmas day. Santa was sat on my head.


1st mapping session after switch on

Today was my 1st mapping session after switch on. Just a few minor tweaks, and the channels changed. The low tones were lowered a bit as they were over powering. The channels are now sorted. I have 2 100% t mic settings, one with low Clearvoice and one with medium Clearvoice. (I’ll come to Clearvoice in a bit) I also have a 50/50, no phone a friend yet. The audiologist was impressed with my progress and commented on how my own voice was a lot clearer and sounded different.

The tiredness is still there, i felt knackered after a 30 mins session. So i wonder what I’ll be like after my next appointment, that’s about 2 hours long. The audiologist did say the tiredness is temporary, I’m glad of that.

On the way to the session today i noticed a sound i had not heard in ages, my feet splashing in puddles, so ,yep i was walking in the puddles, splashing my feet, worse than a kid, but i loved it!

Clearvoice basically is a bit of software that reduces the background noise to allow the speech to be more clear. Ideal for busy places etc. It can be set to 3 different levels, low,medium or high. Only AB uses Clearvoice. I’ll be giving it good test run Saturday night at a Xmas party.

My next session is a mapping session, and also to check my speech recognition. This will see how i am progressing using the results of the tests i took before the CI. That will be an eye opener. Then they will set up my Neptune processor, that’s the body worn one.

So todays new sounds:

  • Feet splashing in puddles
  • Cars going along the wet roads sound different
  • Rain on the car roof
  • Drops of water dripping from top of patio doors onto plastic foot step
  • The iron going over clothes

Wonder what I’ll hear tomorrow……

Oh and Thursdays Date – 20/12/2012, that the last of those we’ll see in my lifetime….


Day 6 Post activation

I had a weekend away, and what a eye opener that was. I went to my mums. The train journey was quite,er, different. I was able to hold a conversation with the buffet bloke, i have known him for years. Then when a train went passed the other way, i heard that, and it sure made me jump. On the little train from Paddington, i heard the doors bleep and close, something i could hear with my HA, but not recognise it. The bus journey, now that was fun, it had squeaky brakes, and when it stopped my CI cut the noise down so it didn’t deafen me. The volume went u and down like a Weston Donkey. When i got to my mums, we chatted for ages, and i mean ages. She showed me some stuff from her parents and her grandparents, as i’d been looking at the 1911 census for the Southall area, and was interested what i had seen. In the evening we went to a Chinese buffet restaurant, not as easy, but was still able to hold a conversation. The pub was awkward, but we got by, until the music started. Now that sounded like a cross between Strangled cats and Vic Reeves off Shooting Stars, when he does guess the song round. I did find it funny.

So i have been quite happy so far, this is far better than anything i have heard in the past 2 years, it may sound squeaky, but that’s only temporary as my brain (if i have one) gets used to the sounds. I can speak to people, my mrs wants a mute button fitted on me as i don’t shut up………..

So noises i’ve heard this weekend:

  • Crows squarking (Robo Crows)
  • Doors beeping and closing on the train
  • My footsteps crunching stones
  • The announcements on the trains and buses
  • Ambulance siren
  • My Mum speaking, must be the best one of the lot.
  • And one just now, my cats tongue going through her fur!

I have downloaded a piece of software called Angel Sounds, wow, that is good. I did an hour on it this morning, and it was good. The link is below if anybody wants to download it. Depending on your internet speed depends on how long it takes.

Angel Sounds download

I shall be doing a good hour on this everyday.

Tonight, challenge number 2, meeting my mate for a beer, the first time since my CI op and activation, wonder if he’ll notice any difference……… this space.

If anybody ever gets the opportunity for a CI, don’t turn it down, its worth the hard work. And i’ve got along way to go yet, and i’ve never been happier.


Day 4 after activation

Well its day 4 and not much has changed, everybody is still Mickey Mouse on Helium. I’ve been doing my audio book training, I have found some new sounds, i went into Debenhams today, i had got a bit wet, my shoes squeeked on the floor, so me being me, i kept walking round listening to everbodies shoes, some squeeked, some shuffled and some just went annoyingly clip clop. Last night i drove the car for the first time, i heard the indicator ticking, the cars engine revs, and the windscreen wipers making a noise. So that was a eye opener. But some noises i find annoying they are:

  • Ticking clocks
  • Shoes going clip clop clip clop
  • People coughing

I forgot those sounds were annoying.

Along way to go yet, so its keep working hard, and listening out for new sounds.

I’ve had my bigger battery in today since 0745, and its still giving 2 ‘blinks’ when i check the battery, so its lasted quite well, 15 hours so far.

I’m off to London tomorrow by train, now that will be a eye opener. wonder what nosies i will pick up. I  must keep a note of what they are. I have my training exercises downloaded onto a mp3 player.

Well i’ve been sat here for the past 2 hours wondering what the hissing noise is i can hear, and its the baby monitor, its buzzing, which inever knew it did,doh.



Day 2 after activation

I was awake nice and early, 0730, so i put my CI on straight away with the bigger battery, to see how long it lasted. Just over 12 hours when i noticed the sound was getting weak. So i swapped it for a normal size battery,i foind the bigger battery a bit heavy at the moment, makes the ear a bit sore. I listend and watched some TV programs on BBC I Player with subtitles, they aere spot on so i could follow the words quite well, still squeeky. Which i do find really funny.

I went for a walk to Asda, just to see what new sounds i could pick up, the traffic was just a rumble. Whilst walking down a quiet road, i heard footsteps, i looked behind, there was nobody there, they were mine. Then i heard a swooshing noise,i looked around, it was my jeans rubbing together. I thought wow. I’m only on day2.

In the kitchen i was pealing potatoes, i could hear the knife cut through the potato, i forgot that sound ever exisited. After tea i was washing the dishes, i could hear the sponge as it was going across the plate, so i kept doing it, cleanest plate in Bristol. So many different sounds i’ve heard. No doubt more new ones tomorrow.

I will start using the audio books tomorrow. I also have some exercises is downloaded from The Hearing Journey website, they have a page called  The listening room, with some exercises to listen to.



I’m Activated

Well today i finally got activated, and wow what a day. My appointment was 1000, i was there by 0945, eager me. I was sat in the waiting area, and my Audiologist walked past with a rather large AB box,mmmm, that must be mine i thought. I was called in to the room and we went through the final details. My Harmony was put on my ear, and plugged into the PC, the thing was to connect the PC to my Implant, no sound would be heard, just a feeling somethin was happening. I felt a strange feeling, my tinnitus level moved a bit. Then we started the beeps, the first being a low frequency, a bit like a heart beat, then the frequencies got higher, some were real hard to hear, but i got them. They were then all joined together. Then it was switched on. Wow, squeaky time, the audiologist sounded so funny, she asked me what i said, i said you have been on helium balloons! I then went for a 10 mins walk, the first noise i heard was squeeky shoes on a doctor in front of me. Outside i coud hear a noise but couldn’t make it out, just a rumble. Just by the Out Patients is a  Pedestrian crossing, wow, i heard the beeps to cross the road, not heard that for years. A boy racer in his car went passed with one of those silly exhaust pipes the size of The Channel Tunnel, i heard theat got Vrrrooooom. To see him doing 10mph! I went back inside to the audiologist, via the crossing again to hear it beep. We made a few minor adjustments then went through the ‘bits’ in the box. There was a charger, with various plugs, a case, a drying thingy, spare head thingy, batteries, colour things for The Harmony, leads to plug into battery devices like a MP3 player. So i was let free. I got on the bus,the bus driver,sounded like a chip monk, so i sat upstairs, really odd, but interesting. When the bus stopped i could hear Tssss tsssss tsssss. I thought whats that, 2 rows in front,yep, a muppet blasting music into his ears. He’ll learn the hard way in years to come. At the back of the bus 2 blokes chatting both built like brick s**t houses, but sounded like 2 squeeky people, that amused me. But they kept saying yer, yer yer.

I met my stepson for lunch, we actually had a real good chat, a sqeeky chat, but the first one for along time. I went for a walk round the centre of Bristol, window shopping, just taking all the sounds in, then we went for a sneaky pint. (shhhhhh) That was good, i heard the barman ask for my money as well. Then it hit me, i began to feel real tired. So we came home, had tea, hot bath, and relax, i thought i’d be asleep by now, but i’m watching tele,lol as well as type this, with sound and subtitles, picking out words.

Pictures below: DSC_1915The picture above in me and my Implant. Looks just fine.

DSC_1916And above is my box with all its goodies inside, wasn’t expecting that lot.

So tomorrow, well, in the afternoon, a trip to Asda, oh help! All those people with their shopping trolleys……………..

3 weeks post op

I’m now 3 weeks post op and all is well. I am 5 days away from activation. My appointment is 10.00. I shall catch the bus, well 2 buses, the journey home may be a bit more interesting, plenty of strange pinging sounds and squeaky voices no doubt, if the bus driver sounds like he has inhaled helium i will just roar with laughter..My wound is doing just good. The glue has all gone, scabs all gone, looks quite ok. My glasses have been annoying, they were too tight, so i had them adjusted this morning, feels a bit better, but it will be a few weeks before they feel normal.


This picture was taken this morning.

I have been keeping my ear nice and warm with my wooly hat when i go out, its rather nippy outside at the moment. Can’t afford to get a chill around my ear.


The picture below shows what a closed ear canal looks like. That was done in April this year. Looks quite neat and tidy. This should stop any infections and re growth of Cholesteatoma, the disease that took my hearing.


My next post will be after my activation,wooo hoooo.